The Parable of the Road and the Two Callers

hadith 1v4

The Prophet (peace and blessings on him) said Allah (Most Exalted) sets forth a parable. He said:

a) There is a road that is straight and in front of it is a caller (calling the people), saying, “Keep walking on this straight path. Don’t go right or left! Go ahead towards your destination.”

b) On both sides of this road, there are two fences/ walls. On both of these walls at certain intervals there are doors. Covering the doors are curtains.

c) Above the straight path is another caller (calling the people), saying, “Beware! Don’t open the doors. If you do, you will enter inside!”

The Prophet then gave the following interpretation:

  • The road is the ‘Straight Path’ of Islam
  • The two fences/ walls on both sides are the commands of Allah (limits of Allah for us). Do not exceed these limits.
  • The doors are the haram – forbidden to us
  • The caller infront of us is the Qur’an. (See surah Hud, verse 111: “And indeed, each [of the believers and disbelievers] – your Lord will fully compensate them for their deeds. Indeed, He is Acquainted with what they do.” The Prophet said, “I don’t have a white beard – but this verse makes my beard white.” i.e. it is not easy – but remain steadfast – don’t exceed the limits.)
  • The caller above is Towfiq – the inspiration from Allah in every heart of every mu’min.


For a detailed understanding of how this fits into the correct aqeedah, please click HERE


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