The Parable of the Road and the Devils

hadith 2


Narrated by the Authority of Jabir bin Abdullah:
“We were with the Prophet (saw), and he drew a line (in the sand), then he drew two lines to its right and two to its left. Then he put his hand on the middle line and said: ‘This is the path of Allah.’ Then he recited the Verse: And verily, this (i.e. Allah’s Commandments) is My straight path, so follow it, and follow not (other) paths, for they will seperate you away from His path…”[Al-An’am 6:153] (Da’if)


The Prophet was holding a stick. He drew a line in the sand. Again, this was the ‘Straight Path’ of Islam. From it he drew several other lines leading off to the right and to the left from the central line. He explained that these divergent lines from the central line are the ways of the devil; they were the routes of the people of

  • bid’ah (religious innovation)
  • desire
  • opinion
  • shirk (ascribing partners to ALLAH and/or denying His One-ness)
  • immorality


For a detailed understanding of how this fits into the correct aqeedah, please click HERE


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